She Plus Him Bartending

Q + A


Can She + Him provide the ice and mixers?
For a small shopping and delivery fee we will develop the list of mixers, garnishes, and ice you will need, and pick them up for you.

Why does She + Him charge for custom cocktails?
We charge for custom cocktails when we are asked to develop a creation ourselves. Our specialty is understanding the hosts inspiration, and creating cocktails that are tailored to that inspiration.

Who provides the alcohol?
Due to licensing restrictions, the host of the event must provide all alcohloic spirits, beers, and wines.

Glassware, Napkins, Straws? We can provide plasticware, napkins, and straws for additional charge. We are currently not at the capacity to rent out glassware.

Do you have a bar for rent?
We offer a 6 foot, hardwood, custom built bar for rent. Require our personal delivery to keep the bar in pristine condition. We also offer a highly portable bar in case the client needs a second bar in a satellite location.

What is setup and teardown like?
Typically we arrive an hour and a half prior to the start of the event to ensure plenty of time to set our bar aesthetic and chill beer etc. We then leave approximately 30 minutes after the event to provide time for teardown. This can vary at times depending on event size and amount of rentals paid for.

Will She + Him create a menu?
We don't like displaying bottles to show guest their options. We believe that having a beautifully designed menu on the bar helps the aesthetic and overall flow of the bar.